Fish Quarantine Service:

  • 5 Week Quarantine Process
  • 1-7 day ramp up of Copper Power Chelated Copper for the treatment of external parasites common to the saltwater fish hobby Ich and Velvet.
  • The full therapeutic range of Copper is 2.5 PPM. Fish will stay at this ratio for no less than 14 days. Copper Ratio is frequently checked with a Hanna High-Range Copper Colorimeter.
  • All fish will undergo 2 treatments of PraziPro dosed directly into the QT Tank. Treatments will be spaced 7 days apart. 
  • NEW! All fish will undergo 5 treatments of Metroplex dosed directly into the QT Tank. Treatments will be spaced 2 days apart. This new process will target Uronema which has been reported to be occurring more often. (NOTE: Uronema cannot be eradicated from your home display tank by going fallow.)
  • For all fish displaying internal parasites or intestinal worms a food soak consisting of General Cure, Focus, Epsom Salt and Selcon will be used and last a duration of 14 days. 
  • Alien Reef Aquatics keeps a full complement of antibiotics and emergency bath treatments on hand should any fish display issues that need immediate attention. 
  • All new fish are observed daily and kept in an isolated tank that is both heated and filtered separately from any other fish. Glass lids are used to decrease any risk of aerosol transmission. 
  • After ramping up copper to a full therapeutic level and 14 full days have passed a determination is made of the fish’s overall condition. If visual inspection and health requirements are met fish are removed from their isolated quarantine tanks and moved to an observation tank that has no copper or other medical treatment. A conditioned Black Molly is used to make sure nothing has slipped through the cracks during the Medical Quarantine process. After 14 days of observation, the fish is ready to be shipped to its new home. 

NOTE: Black Mollys are freshwater fish that are conditioned to saltwater carefully over a slow period of time. Black Mollys that are conditioned to saltwater become treated for any freshwater pathogen they may have had but have no immunity to any saltwater pathogen. Their black color helps show any issue that may have slipped through the cracks during the saltwater fish’s QT process. Should a Black Molly contract any saltwater pathogen all fish including Black Molly is IMMEDIATELY removed and the QT process will restart. The Black Molly is treated and rehomed after treatment. No Black Molly is ever treated inhumanely and is always found a permanent home. 

  • All other fish issues such as bacterial infections or any other issues are treated with a broad range of medicines and methods kept on hand and ready should any issue arise. 
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