Scopas Tang - Small

Scopas Tang - Small

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(Zebrasoma scopas) 

Pre-Medically Quarantined. See Quarantine Methods Page for more information. 

Scopas tangs are readily available and are easier tangs for the novice aquarist. Scopas tangs do not bother coral and are safe to keep in a reef aquarium. They are smaller and less aggressive than other members of the family Acanthuridae. Scopas tangs require an aquarium of no less than 75 gallons (48 inches long). These fish are more tolerant of a wide range of living conditions. They will accept various food including meaty materials but the main part of the diet should be vegetable. They will eat the algae that tend to grow inadvertently in the tank. Scopas tangs are one of the more peaceful species within its genus and can be kept with other species of tangs.

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