BeneReef Reef Food 40g

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Looks Different. Smells Different. Is Different.


1) Feeds nitrifying bacteria, corals & filter feeding invertebrates
2) 3-3000 micron size 
3) Keeps your tank clean & clear
4) Patent pending probiotic formula
5) Grows, colors and regenerates corals
6) Maximizes nutrient absorption
7) High quality proteins from selected sources
8) Will not overload your nutrients
9) Does not cloud your water

From the website:


How do corals benefit from the nutrients and microbes found in Benereef? 

Answer: Benereef doesn’t have a high protein content but rather a high carbohydrate content which is important because if you have a higher surplus of proteins and they are broken down you reach ammonia levels that are toxic to your system and reef inhabitants. Benereef’s bacteria serve multiple functions for coral, such as being a food to corals. They take the waste products that the corals produce like ammonia and incorporate that into the bacterial cell so it is producing food for the corals as the bacteria grow. The bacteria also reduce the nutrient level to the point you don’t get algae blooms. Inside the corals the bacteria produce compounds, (antibiotics) among other things that inhibit pathogenic bacteria therefore creating a very beneficial symbiotic relationship. 

Why is Benereef better at not creating phosphate pollution in salt water tanks?

Phosphate cycle: Benereef has been engineered with the perfect balance of phosphates which are an essential nutrient in any system. As food and nutrients are consumed and excreted during the phosphate cycle it will release orthophosphates into the water and if those orthophosphates are not used you’ll get algae blooms. Bacteria are scavengers and they seek out and capture those phosphates and store it and when the coral eats and consumes those bacteria you move those phosphates from the bacteria to the coral.