Coral Frenzy powder 45 gram SMALL JAR

Coral Frenzy powder 45 gram SMALL JAR

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The Coral Frenzy coral feeds have been reformulated for improved compliance with international requirements and ingredient restrictions, which means that aquarists in countries such as Australia and Japan may now be able to benefit from this proven coral feed. Additionally, probiotics have been added to the improved formulation, with the goal of helping maintain excellent water quality. 

As has always been Coral Frenzy policy, every ingredient is listed on the label, so there is no question of what you are feeding. There are no “secret” ingredients or fillers; what you see is what you get in Coral Frenzy coral food. 

Improved Packaging and Options 

In addition to an improved formulation, Coral Frenzy boasts a fresh new look! Our logo has been refined, our packaging is more vibrant than ever, and our product offerings streamlined to include two core formulations, a powder-sized offering and a 0.5 mm pellet variation. 

Improved Traceability 

Coral Frenzy has revised our product tracking, moving away from batch codes or manufactured dates. In their place, our coral food canisters now carry unique serial numbers for the most concise product tracking system we can implement. Coral Frenzy can now trace any jar of our coral food down to the minute it was manufactured, offering the maximum ability to comply with current and future animal feed laws in municipalities in the US and abroad.